Secular Scotland changes its name to become the Scottish Secular Society

Following much discussion and a vote amongst members attending our last meeting, we have decided to change Secular Scotland’s name to the Scottish Secular Society. This is with effect from today, 11th July 2013.

While the name and brand of Secular Scotland has served us well over the past year, we feel it is time to move into a more formal and prominent role as the primary Secular Society in Scotland. Our growing and active membership base who share our passion for a fair secular country have welcomed the move as progressive and a defining moment in our history.

Scotland, whether as a devolved member of the Union or in the event of independence, has its own separate government, laws, institutions and concerns, which are distinct to those of the rest of the Union. It seems logical therefore that we should have our own separate Secular Society to deal with those issues. Many issues will of course overlap with those of other Union members, and we remain happy to work with others who share our goals to create a fair, open, welcoming and truly secular Scotland for all people who live here.

Our Facebook and Twitter brand will remain unchanged as Secular Scotland, but be identified as the home of the Scottish Secular Society in each social media channel.

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